Senior UI Engineer, San Francisco

Work / Office Location – 199 Fremont Street  San Francisco, CA 94105

Hands-on UI development on medium to large-sized development projects that follow an SDLC methodology.

*   At least 5 years hands-on front-end development experience using open-source MVC frameworks such as Tapestry, Struts, Spring MVC

*   Strong Experience with HTML/CSS/JS for developing highly interactive, complex, data-driven websites

*   Strong understanding of CSS and HTML

*   Experience writing semantic relevant HTML

*   Strong understanding of DHTML:

*   Strong understanding of unobtrusive and progressive enhancement JS design patterns

*   Experience implementing AJAX interactions with back-end services

*   Experience manipulating the browser DOM tree based on user interactions

*   Knowledge of XML and JSON

*   Able to write standards-compliant code

*   Strong understanding of cross-browser implementation differences and limitations

*   Extensive experience with object-oriented programming

*   Prefer proven experience developing transactional, eCommerce, hosted web applications

*   Experience with performance tuning and analysis tools.

*   Strong communication and teamwork required.

Send resumes to




Desk Phone – 510 456 9671

LinkedIn –

Web –

Office Address –  2201 Walnut Ave, Suite 180, 1st Floor,
Fremont CA – 94538


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